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Click here to contact me about Mannatech.     The first wealth is health. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

HEATHER HANSEN, Calgary, Alberta
Wellness Champion, Social Network Entrepreneur,  
Coach, Mentor,  Working from Home

I love sharing my journey using Mannatech products over the last eighteen years.
I had a leaky gut when I began my journey into health and wellness.  With leaky gut, there is hole on the intestinal wall which breaks through and allows the contents of the bowel to seep into the body cavity.  I was a gentle shade of green, malnourished and was losing a lot of weight.  It was  suggested  to me that I was requiring Prozac.  My receptionist was suffering from  fatigue, at the time and suggested I go to a Naturopath.
It took a few months under the care of a Naturopath to begin the process of regeneration of my intestine.  I was off all food for 4-6 months taking my nutrition through smoothies allowing my intestine to rest.  I then added food group at a time to reintroduce my body to whole food.
At this point, I was introduced to Mannatech products by my receptionist.  Now, 18 years later  I have a clean bill of health!   I did make many lifestyle changes around the consumption of fast foods, trans fats, processed foods  and basically cook from scratch now.
I am a baby boomer, youthful, hard working, energetic and altruistic.
I am looking for Business Partners to join with me to make a difference in YOUR world.


• I have successfully completed certification as a NUTRACEUTICAL REPRESENTATIVE (NR). I educate clients on functional-food components. They are plant (phyto) chemicals essential in the operating system of our bodies (cells).

• I have completed certification as a GLYCO-NUTRITIONAL WELLNESS CONSULTANT (GNWC).

• I educate clients in understanding the requirements of 8 ESSENTIAL bio-active sugars for cellular communication. The lack of these vital components, essential, to health may result in DIS-EASE in the body.

• I have also completed GLYCEMIC INDEXING (WMA): Weight Management Advisor. How to Lose Weight and Gain Health with OPTIMUM NUTRITION. This is the key to longevity and vibrant health. The key component here is using low glycemic foods to keep the bodies sugar in balance. Too many of the wrong carbs cause the insulin to spike turning sugar into fat.


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